Steve Wilson – Talks About Don

February 1, 2012 Testimonials Comments Off on Steve Wilson – Talks About Don

I have been secretly treating Don for years for his addiction to humor. The treatment is so secret that even he does not know about it. Although he is smart, witty, wise and a true aficionado of comedy, he is not fooling anyone with his rare combination of an understated, charming and yet encyclopedic knowledge of contemporary and historical humor and humorists, and a rapier wit for word play (I am using one of those words advisedly.). Don’s pun-loving fascination with all things funny is a gift to all of us who understand that humor is a vital key to illuminating human nature, expressing the otherwise un-expressible, and enjoying life.

– Steve Wilson


Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

Founder, World Laughter Tour

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