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    By Don Baird, the 2019 AATH Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
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    Humor in Difficult Times

    Robert Louis Stevenson – Quote

    To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer is to have kept your soul alive. – Robert Louis Stevenson


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      - Don Baird, Psy.D

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      What People are Saying...

      Steve Wilson – Talks About Don

      I have been secretly treating Don for years for his addiction to humor. The treatment is so secret that even he does not know about it. Although he is smart, witty, wise and a true aficionado of comedy, he is not fooling anyone with his rare combination of an understated, […]

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      Willibald Ruch – Talks About Don

      Don is  knowledgeable in the science of humor, skillful in its application in practice, and celebrates humor in daily life. His curiosity and love of learning have brought him to the forefront of knowledge in the psychology of humor. These strengths brought him to  Europe to attend my first  International […]

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      Allen Klein – Talks About Don

      Don is a hidden treasure…well maybe not so hidden now that he has a website. He is gentle, joyous, and extremely well versed in many aspects of the therapeutic value of humor. When Don speaks, or writes, take heed. Your life will be much richer listening to his wisdom. – Allen Klein, Author of […]

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        Upcoming Presentations

        April 12 — 15, 2018
        “If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Right On Going: Keeping Resilient in Difficult Times: A Psychological Perspective” (With Steve Wilson)
        Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor Conference — San Diego, California

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